All confirmed exhibiting companies at CLEANPOWER 2020 still need to register the specific staff who will be attending the show.

Attendees and exhibitors utilize the same registration passes providing access to the exhibition, plus all of the education stations on the show floor. Each exhibiting company has an allotment of free passes that you may use for your own staff, or for any customers you would like to host at the event.  

To redeem your free passes, exhibitor primary contacts have access to a new online exhibitor registration portal and enter your password (it's the same as your A2Z password). Promo codes will NOT be needed this year!

From the exhibitor portal, you can:

  • Re-register employees that attended last year
  • Register new employees 
  • Update existing registrations
  • View your latest roster and/or receipt
  • Order lead retrieval to capture all of your on-site leads and increase ROI
  • View the show schedule and other exhibitor FAQs

Exhibitor Registration Portal

How many free passes do I get with my booth?  
Based on your booth size, you receive the following free passes, which can be used for your staff or customers that you would like to host at the event:

Booth Size Total Badges     Booth Size Total Badges
100 SF 4   2600 SF 26
200 SF 5   2800 SF 27
300 SF 6   3000 SF 28
400 SF 8   3200 SF 29
600 SF 10   3400 SF 30
800 SF 12   3600 SF 32
1000 SF 14   3800 SF 34
1200 SF 15   4000 SF 36
1400 SF 16   4200 SF 38
1600 SF 18   4400 SF 40
1800 SF 20   4600 SF 42
2000 SF 22   4800 SF 44
2200 SF 24   5000 SF 46
2400 SF 25      

What if I require additional registrations beyond my free allotment?  
If you need to purchase any registrations beyond your free passes, you can do so on the same registration site. Registration rates can be found here.

What if I have customers or prospects I want to invite to the show?
There is an Invite-a-Customer promotion available for exhibitors to offer their customers a special discount of 50% off the prevailing rate.  Simply share the promo code CUSTOMER20 with your current and prospective customers.  There is no previous attendance restrictions however this code is not eligible to be used by staff of any exhibiting company (even if that exhibitor is also your customer). This is an excellent way for you to provide a personalized benefit to customers, increase your visibility, and strengthen your relationships.  Please be sure not to send this promo code to your own staff or staff of any exhibiting company!

What if I have a large group of registrations and need help?  
If you have at least 10 registrations and would prefer not to register them online, you can complete a group registration spreadsheet and return it to AWEA to process.  Email to request the group spreadsheet.  

Questions about exhibitor registration?  Contact us at
Other questions about exhibiting?  Contact us at