As an exhibitor, you have exclusive access to the below benefits:

Pitch & Purchase

For the first time, exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet directly with purchasing directors of leading renewable energy companies in this innovative new format. Representatives from all exhibiting companies are invited to participate in the first annual CLEANPOWER Pitch & Purchase event. The purchasing directors you want to meet will be available for short, one-on-one meetings with eligible exhibitor contacts. Think of it as exclusive speed dating with your most eligible business partners. >>>Learn More

Marketing Toolkit

AWEA has invested in a number of turnkey tools to help you increase your booth traffic at CLEANPOWER. And they are FREE to 2021 exhibitors! Spread the word to your network about participating, and drive more customers to your space on the show floor! If you need assistance with exhibitor promotional tools, or need your unique Feathr login resent, contact Jennifer Harwell.

  • Your Customized Landing Page: These pages are permanent micro-sites that show off your presence at the event. Share them via social, in newsletters, or send the link directly to your prospects.
  • Referral Banners: Referral Banners are customized digital banners that you can place on your websites and in your newsletters to enhance your visibility and grow the CLEANPOWER audience. 
  • Referral Email: This resource allows you to invite anyone and everyone you'd like to the event! Either upload a spreadsheet of emails and send through Feathr - or - export the message and send it using any email tool that supports custom email templates!

Discounted Customer Passes

Offer your customers and prospects 50% off the prevailing registration rate. Please note, this code is not eligible to be used by staff of any exhibiting company (even if that exhibitor is also your customer). This is an excellent way for you to provide a personalized benefit to customers, increase your visibility, and strengthen your relationships.

Appreciation Reception

Exhibitors with a booth size of 400 SF or larger will receive an invite to the CLEANPOWER 2021 appreciation reception. Join AWEA's board of directors, committee leaders and other VIPs at this special appreciation reception Sunday evening.

Discounts on Private Meeting Space

​We have an inventory of spacious and adaptable business pods on the show floor, meeting rooms on the convention center premises, and hospitality suites in hotels - all of which are ideal places for private meetings, discussions, and demonstrations. Reach out to Wade Barton to take advantage of the exhibitor discount.

Company Passes

Based on your booth size, exhibitors receive the following free passes, which can be used for your staff or customers that you would like to host at the event:

Booth Size Total Badges Booth Size Total Badges
100 SF 4 2600 SF 26
200 SF 5 2800 SF 27
300 SF 6 3000 SF 28
400 SF 8 3200 SF 29
600 SF 10 3400 SF 30
800 SF 12 3600 SF 32
1000 SF 14 3800 SF 34
1200 SF 15 4000 SF 36
1400 SF 16 4200 SF 38
1600 SF 18 4400 SF 40
1800 SF 20 4600 SF 42
2000 SF 22 4800 SF 44
2200 SF 24 5000 SF 46
2400 SF 25    


Reach out to our exhibition team if there is something else that would be useful! We're happy to provide custom visuals and messaging about #CLEANPOWER2021 for your specific needs.